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    Business Resource


    As a member of the SA LGBT Chamber of Commerce, you're also a member of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), which entitles you special offers (see below) for products and services vital to you and your business. 


    Entrepreneurs have access to professional and confidential business advising, a variety of quality training programs and an extensive referral network at the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Benefits of contacting your local SBDC include:

    • Free, one-on-one, confidential business advising.
    • Cost friendly workshops designed for small businesses.
    • Professional referral network.
    • Access to research resources.
    • Lifelong business partners.




    The Bexar County Small Business & Entrepreneurship Department assists small business owners with information, training programs, capacity-building programs, and more. Our mission is to create an environment where small businesses can thrive to create a sustainable economic future for Bexar County. For more information, visit us at www.bexar.org/sbed



    Save up to 26%


    Whether it's overnight letters across the country or international shipping around the world, you'll save with the first package you send, and, the more you ship, the more you save. Click on the UPS symbol above for complete details on how you can save on UPS shipping!

    SCORE offers free and confidential business advice through online and face-to-face mentoring.



    Benefits of Liberty Mutual Plans for Members Call (210)569-2851


    • Member group savings
    • Specific savings for both auto and home policies with multi-policy discounts when you combine policies
    • Discounts when you pay in full or enroll in EFT
    • Customers new to Liberty Mutual & those with new homes qualify for special savings
    • Additional savings for multiple cars, vehicle safety features, hybrid vehicles, new teen drivers & the TEENSMART driving course

    All plans come with additional benefits for home:

    • Loss Forgiveness
    • 24-hour Emergency Home Repairs
    • Personal Property Replacement coverage
    • Contractor Network Referral Program

    And auto:

    • Lifetime Repair Guarantee & Mechanical Parts Replacement
    • New Car Replacement
    • Rental Car Reimbursement
    • Emergency Roadside Assistance & unlimited towing
    • Accident Forgiveness
    • Better Car Replacement

    AVIS created the Corporate Awards Program with the needs of a small and mid-sized business in mind. That's why, once you join, you'll receive special rates, access to members-only deals and discounts, the ability to earn free rental days and, as always, the superior service you've come to expect from AVIS. Click on the logo above for complete details on all the great benefits of the AVIS Corporate Awards Program!